About Us

About Us

About Us

Sheba Import LLC was established in 2017 as full-fledged coffee import company. As it is new to the market it has great potential to deliver a 100% natural Organic Arabica coffee.

We are currently importing the coffee beans from the land of Ethiopia. Which was known as the birthplace of coffee by the historian.

We have selected five genotypes (varieties) coffee that are most popular in the country local customers. Each coffee genotypes varies from the other by unique and characteristic flavor, aroma. That the flavors variation depends on the region where it grows, the ecological, environmental factor and the production systems of the country.

Our primary goal is to satisfy our customers and consumer needs. It is for that reason, that we have selected the five types coffee that has different flavors, to satisfy the consumer test.

Our supplier, currently export 70% sun-dried coffee and 30% wet processed (washed and semi-washed) coffee and has a plan to increase the wet processed coffee to 50% in the coming few years.
Presently, we are importing both, the sun-dried and wet process coffee, and have a plan to eventually increase the wet processed coffee as our supplier increases their production.

You should not be a coffee expert to distinguish the unique nature of the Ethiopian coffee. The landscapes resources of the country have given distinct flavor regimes. Rest assured, we can offer you our green coffee lists along with their specific names, their growing localities as well as grade levels. Thus, you can bravely witness the unique flavor and aroma of our coffee.
We believe that once your family test our product they will ask for every time and you will be delighted.

As we are the ultimate importer of such highly praised and diverse coffee genotypes, we are always at your service to make you happy.


Our Sheba Cafe’ shop will accommodate the sales of small packages, roasted coffees as well as green coffees, for those customers who love to roast their own coffee. By ordering online or through one of our Sheba Café Shop, you can purchase the best type coffee in the world to satisfy your test and love of coffee.


The Sheba Cafe’ shop carries most of Ethiopian coffee brands that have unique flavors and aroma. Such as Yirgacheffe, Limu, Sidamo, Gugi and Harar coffee beans. They are available for your selection.
Packages, from 1lb to 10lbs of both roasted and green coffees will be readily available for our customer to pick up from the Sheba Cafe’ Shop. Above 10lbs coffee needs special order.


To satisfy our customer needs we also have a plan to import the best 100% Arabica coffee from South America. Such as, Brazil Coffee, Peruvian Coffee and Colombia Coffee. We believe that the customer satisfaction is our best reward.
Our skilled coffee roasting and brewing professionals of the Sheba Cafe’ will treat you with a special brewed cup of coffee. The taste of coffee depends on the special technique of roasting and brewing. Visit one of our Sheba Cafés for a fresh brewed coffee. Trust us that you will love the uniqueness of the Sheba Cafe’ cup of coffee.
We are always at your service to make you happy.

Please check back for the nearest Sheba Café locations.