Jebena coffee

One of the best coffee grower country, Ethiopia, uses “Jebena” traditionally, to brew coffee. “Jebena” is made of clay pot, that brew the coffee slowly. That makes the test of the coffee very delicious. Once you test the “Jebena coffee”, it makes you crave for more. They have a saying, “the slower the coffee brewed, […]

Variety and great test

We select the finest coffee beans from South America and Ethiopia, then carefully roast them to perfection. We believe that the Coffee taste depends on the technique of roasting. Ingredients: 100% Arabica coffee beans of regional high altitude, chosen for distinct flavor to satisfy our customers taste.

Visit our sheba café

The Sheba Café carries our chosen variety of Coffee. We believe that you will be delighted by testing our variety coffees from Ethiopia, Brazil, Peru and Colombia that have unique flavors, and aroma. So that every cup is rich, aromatic and full of flavor. That is how we help you delight your family every day. […]

Our Sheba café carries small packages

For your convenience, our Sheba café carries small packages of coffee for your choice. From 1LB to 10LB packages of each variety coffee, roasted as well as raw coffee, for those customers who like to roast their own coffee, will be ready for you to pick. Above 10LB needs a special order. You can order […]

Coco is coming soon to Sheba café

For those customers who love and enjoy the taste of chocolate, we are working to import the best Coco from one of South America countries, to satisfy your needs. Check the nearest Sheba Café and enjoy the special brewed Chocolate drink.

The Sheba café accommodation

The Sheba Café has a very pleasant atmosphere and accommodation, with beautiful Arts and paintings posted on the wall, including some foreign antics that are pleasant to see, which make you feel that you are in the Art Gallery or Studio. Our professional Baristas are always ready to serve you with courtesy and make you […]

Coffee Ceremony

Coffee is the most widely consumed stimulant beverage in Ethiopia. As referenced by our supplier, about 50% of the total produce is consumed locally. The annual per capital consumption of coffee in Ethiopia is about 2.4 kilograms. This is comparable to the consumption level of the leading coffee consuming countries. One can bravely say that […]